The Ahiara Declaration. By Emeka Ojukwu. Markpress, Geneva, (for the. Government of Biafra), No price. These three books are General Ojukwu’s own. The Ahiara Declaration and Ndigbo. “Today, Monday January 16, in Ahiara, Imo State, we are commemorating an epochal event that. Ahiara Declaration was all about doctrines, philosophy, teachings and preachments about what a good government should be and do for the.

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It will develop social and preventive medicine, set up sanatoriums for incurable and infectious diseases and mental cases, and a net-work of maternity homes for ante- and post-natal care of Biafran mothers. By the nineteenth century it had been reluctantly conceded that the Negro is in fact human, but a different kind of man, certainly not the same kind of man as the white.

In the last five or six months, I have devised one additional way of learning at first had how the ordinary men and women of our country see the Revolution. It is therefore clear that all this long, since the British colonial administration put together this vast country, the evident role of Igbo people in the political, economic and social history of Nigeria has been that of bridge builders and nation builders.

What then should be the qualities of this Biafran of the New Order? Archived from the original on 22 October Let us admit to ourselves that when we left Nigeria, some of us did not shake off every particle of Nigerianism. No matter the odds, we will fight with all our might until Black men everywhere can point with pride to this Republic, standing dignified and defiant, an example of African nationalism triumphant over its many and age-old enemies.

We see Biafrans from different partsof the country living together, working together, suffering together and pursuing together a common cause.

Later they derived the Negro from ahiqra accursed progeny of Ham. We knew that we had challenged the many forces and interests which had conspired to keep Africa and the Black Race in subjection forever.

Thus, for example, a clerk may be given training to enable him to operate as an ambulance-driver during an emergency, or a university lecturer as a post-master or a Signal Sergeant in one of the Armed Forces. There was an agreed specific power sharing formula between the federal and regional governments.


Ahiara Declaration

In the Okigwe sector, from where the enemy made the thrust that brought him into Umuahia, declaraiton situation remains unchanged, with our troops making ajiara entire enemy route from Okigwe to Umuahia no joy ride. We see doctors who stay idle in their villages while their countrymen and women suffer and die. Were the Balkans a healthier place before they emerged from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In my statement to the leaders of our community before that decision was made, I spoke about the difficulties. Your list has reached the maximum number of items.

The entire conspiracy of neo-colonialism has joined hands to stifle our nascent independence. Many of our citizens have found themselves having to do emergency duties different from their normal peace-time jobs. The Biafran would thus make the effort to improve his lot and the material well-being of his community.

The Ahiara declaration : the principles of the Biafran revolution (Book, ) []

It was essentially support for a South—South presidential slot, with Ahara. But what do we find here in Negro Africa? The E-mail message field is required.

The Principles of the Biafran Revolution. We see our doctors, scientists, engineers and technologists responding to the demands of the Revolution with brilliant inventions and innovations.

Thus a wealthy man, even if he is known to be a crook, is accorded greater respect than an honest citizen who is not so well off. By the time President Jonathan completes his tenure, South-East, the once hallowed political base of Dr.

Nigeria is a stooge of Europe. The name field is required. Is there anyone despising the People? It is a positive commitment to build a healthy, dynamic and progressive state, such as would be the pride of black men the world over. Had we been white the inhuman and cruel blockade would long have been lifted. It ahira promote the ideals of the New Order – ideals of change and progress.

Legislators must understand that responsibility goes with power. From today, let no Biafran pretend that he or she does not know the main-spring of our national action, let him or her not plead ignorant when found indulging in un-Biafran activities. It was at this stage that with cynical imperturbability they carved up the African continent, and boxed declarztion the native populations in artificial states designed purely to minister to white economic interests.


He should be the symbol of justice which is the supreme guarantee of good government. Insome 50, of us were slaughtered like cattle in Nigeria. Ndigbo worldwide fervently and fraternally urge all Nigerians and our various political parties to see the case of South East presidency in this equity-generated light. A fourth Region — the Midwestwas created by regular constitutional amendment in That was the origin of our Revolution.

In one declaratioon of Nigeria, for instance, they preferred to turn a nurse who had worked for ahiraa years into a doctor rather decllaration employ a qualified doctor from another part of Nigeria; barely literate clerks were made Permanent Secretaries; a university Vice-Chancellor was sacked because he belonged to the wrong tribe.

Nigeria: Ojukwu, ‘Ahiara Declaration’ and Biafra

Would you also like to submit a review for this item? On Tuesday, May 30,ahjara by the elders and leaders of the old eastern region of Nigeria, late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, leading Ndigbo and other Biafrans, declared secession from Nigeria and announced the republic of Biafra. Our people have continually been subjected to genocide. In each case where a blockade declaratlon imposed, allowance was made for certain basic necessities of life in the interest of women, children and other non-combatants.

Ahiara Declaration – Wikipedia

Preview this item Preview this item. The possibility for social mobility is always present in our society. It transforms for the better those institutions which are still relevant, and discards those which stand in the way of progress.

Biafra will not betray the black man. He said the book was the brain child of some intellectuals in the then Biafra including Prof. It is no good saying: In response to this need they evolved their informal empire in the 19 th century under which they controlled and exploited Negro Africa through their missionaries and monopolist mercantile companies. Such was the extent of their success that Zik was poised, after the regional election ofbut for a last minute hitch, to become the Premier of the Western Region, the home ground of the Declarration nation.