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One of her last works was devoted to the history of her own family, Gli Albanesi in Roumenia: Scarlat Ghica — was twice prince of Walachia.

His grandson John Ioan Ghica —a pdibegie friend of Turkey, was educated in Bucharest and in the West, and studied engineering and mathematics in Paris from to ; returning to Moldavia he was involved in the conspiracy ofwhich was intended to bring about the union of Walachia and Moldavia under one native prince Michael Sturdza.

The conspiracy failed and John Ghica became a lecturer on probegie at the university which was founded by Prince Sturdza in Jassy.

Ion Ghica – Wikipedia

In he joined the party of revolution and in the name of a provisional government then established in Bucharest went to Constantinople to approach the Turkish government.

Whilst there he was appointed Bey of Samos —where he extirpated piracy, rampant in that island. He was the first prime minister under Prince afterwards King Charles of Hohenzollern. His restless nature made him join the anti-dynastic movement of amintrii In he was appointed Rumanian minister in London and retained this office until He died xmintiri the 7th of May in Gherghani.

The popular theory of the origin of the Ghilzais traces them to the Turkish tribe of Kilji, once occupying districts bordering the upper course of the Syr Darya Jaxartesand affirms that they were brought into Afghanistan by the Turk Sabuktagin in the 10th century.


However that may be, the Ghilzai clans now rank collectively as second to none in strength of military and commercial enterprise.

Page:EB1911 – Volume 11.djvu/946

The painter is generally termed Domenico Bigordi, but some authors give him, and amintkri with reason, the paternal surname Curradi. Ghirlandajo garland-maker was only a nickname, coming to Domenico from the employment of his father or else of his earliest instructorwho was renowned for fashioning the metallic garlands worn by Florentine damsels; he was not, however, as some have said, the inventor of them.

Tommaso was by vocation a jeweller on the Ponte Vecchio, or perhaps a broker. Domenico, the eldest of eight children, was at first apprenticed to a jeweller or goldsmith, probably enough his own father; in his shop he was continually making portraits of the passers-by, and it was thought amintrii to place him with Alessio Baldovinetti to study painting and mosaic.

His youthful years were, however, entirely undistinguished, and at the age of thirty-one he had not a fixed abode of his own.

Neagu Djuvara

This is remarkable, as immediately afterwards, from onwards to his death at a comparatively early age inhe became the most proficient painter of his time, incessantly employed, and condensing into that brief period of fourteen years fully as large an amount of excellent work as any other artist that could be named; indeed, we should properly say eleven years, for nothing of his is known of a later date than The landscape background, in especial, is very superior to anything to be found in the works, which had no doubt been zealously studied by Ghirlandajo, of Masaccio and others in the Brancacci chapel.

He also did some other works in Rome, now perished. Before he had likewise produced his frescoes in the chapel of S.

Fina, in the Tuscan town of S.

Gimignano, remarkable for grandeur and grace,—two pictures of Pribebie, dying and dead, with some accessory work. Sebastian Mainardi assisted him in these productions in Rome and in S. Gimignano; and Ghirlandajo was so well pleased with amihtiri co-operation that he gave him his sister in marriage. He now returned to Florence, and undertook in the church of the Trinita, and afterwards in S. Maria Novella, the works which have set the seal on his celebrity.


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The frescoes in the Sassetti chapel of S. Trinita are six subjects from the life of St Francis, along with some classical accessories, dated Immediately after disposing of this commission, Ghirlandajo ptibegie asked to renew the frescoes in the choir of S. This choir formed the chapel of the Ricci family, but the Tornabuoni and Tornaquinci families, then much more opulent than the Ricci, undertook the cost dun the restoration, under conditions, as to preserving the arms of the Ricci, which gave rise in the end to dih amusing incidents of litigation.

The frescoes, in the execution of which Domenico had many assistants, are in four courses along the three walls,—the leading subjects being the lives of the Madonna and of the Baptist.

Besides their general richness and dignity of art, these works are particularly interesting as containing many historical portraits—a method of treatment in which Ghirlandajo was pre-eminently skilled. This page has been validated. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

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