Dan Gheorghe Dungaciu is a Romanian sociologist and an expert in the situation in Republic of Moldova. Phone, Suggest a phone number Dan Dungaciu. likes. Dan Gheorghe Dungaciu is a Romanian sociologist and an expert in the situation in Republic of Moldova. Dan Dungaciu. likes. Dan Gheorghe Dungaciu este un sociolog și geopolitician român, director al Institutului de Științe Politice și Relații.

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The Order of Honour can be awarded also to organizations, institutions, etc.

So we have a big de facto problem with Crimea. In the media it works the same way as in politics: So NATO is now tackling these two types of dah, trying not to include them in a hierarchy.

Dan Dungaciu – Bucharest Forum

Politics, dynamics, perspectives 3 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide This book arrives at a very significant time throughout Europe. Member feedback about Dan Dungaciu: He is only stressing some flaws, deficiencies, he is digging into an already existent wound. News organization Euromaidan Press was founded in by Ukrainian volu This is a mere threat sungaciu now because Russians are compelled to answer both for external, but especially for internal use.

Romania negotiated this line, but did it starting from the premise Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Of course, this is a phantasmagorical scenario. And people were desperate to get their dose of Voice of America and Free Europe.

What is now going on in Moldova, as we speak, are all elements of positioning with a view to configure the future limes which will be the future border between the Euro-Atlantic space and Russia. And hence this whole reconsideration of its attitude towards the Russian Federation. So they reacted and rendered Ukraine impracticable, so dungaicu say.


I think the reasons are objective which relate to a certain intellectual comfort which the Alliance has in thinking the partnership relation with Russia. Dan Gheorghe Dungaciu works for University of Bucharest. Nor is Russia what the Soviet Union used to be. This is why I am saying it is a waste of money even though they are right. Dan Dungaciu, decorated by President of Republic of Moldova. Member feedback about Euromaidan Press: Project Page Feedback Known Problems. In other words, it represents a “perfect storm”.

Awards started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. For Russians, this territory is way more important to them than it dxn for the West. Member feedback about Stela Popa: So, loyalty, training and only then you can consider supplying these weapons.

Even the EU ambassador in Chisinau called the Russians to intervene if he had any problem concerning Transnistria. This means it has loyalty problems, so who do you give these sophisticated weapons to then? So it is a complicated matter, both technically and politically. Because if the leaders ask them for sacrifices and do not give them this grandeur in return, then the leaders become unbearable.

Dungaciu, Dan

But this in the end up to that respective country. So you lack the source credibility to render the message credible.

It is not Prut the natural border between Romania and Moldova. And the third observation: Dungaci now troubles Romania very much strategically and, secondly, in terms of delimitation of the continental shelf. This is actually what the big battle is about in this limes, border dnugaciu East and West.


When you hear Sarkozy say Crimea belongs to Russia, what sort of counter-propaganda could be done under these circumstances? The perfect storm of the European crisis 5 editions published in in English and held by 50 WorldCat member libraries worldwide The most significant phenomenon occurring around us today is the European crisis.

Or Turkey scenario — indefinite negotiations.

So how do we respond to this? Because it serves his interests to have a Schweitzer-like Europe. And NATO has so far made no delimitation because there are countries which see the main danger coming from the East, others see it originating in the South.

Articles from „Dan Dungaciu“

This volume brings together the contributions of twenty authors, scientists from the “Ion I. Balkans are still coping with a lot of problems, see recent unrest in Macedonia, illegal immigration, lingering ethnic tensions etc, but they are off the agenda at the moment.

Russia is got this morphological excess which finds its source in the ontological deficit. I have the feeling no one is talking about the Balkans unless crimes or the immediate integration are involved, see the Croatian case. The organization received positive reception, and was selected as a finalist in the category of “Best Video” in the Rockit Digital Communication Conference Awards.

It is not Russia breaking up the European Union…. And this is what Romania has to point out, because this is its neighborhood.