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BathshebacheapChristChristiancovetingfearfollowing menGodJesusmaterialismno committmentno fear of Godpolitical amalgamationsalvationsatansinwhat happened at the crosswhy are Christians miserable.

I have given twelve of the most blatant reasons that aid Christians in living in misery. Of all the people on earth, Christians have the greatest future. We have eternal life in Heaven but so many walk around like this is all there is. The Christian needs to look beyond the horizon of the here and now and realize that we have a future which will never end and it will be in bliss. There is no reason for the Christian to walk around like they are in total defeat or as if they are ashamed of who they are.

When Christ went to the cross, He was placed on that cross naked and bleeding. He was not ashamed to face it yet we are ashamed to face who we are. The false religions of the world proudly display who they are and the Christians are the only ones who walk around with their heads hung low. The way a Christian can turn themselves around from being miserable is to find out where they are being disobedient to the Scriptures and immediately begin to repair that breach.

Once a Christian becomes obedient, the joy of salvation returns to them.

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This obedience comes by getting to know the Scriptures. We too must ask the Lord to e,iberarea us to the joy of His salvation. It may cost us and take time. Getting into sin is like getting into debt. It is easy to get into debt but hard to get out and yet it is very doable.

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The beginning of joy is to compare where your Christian matfrialismul is right now according to the Scriptures. Once you know where you are at, then you begin to remove the worldly ideas, motives, and methods.

Elibsrarea you replace them with the biblical ideas, motives, and methods and then the joy of your salvation will return because you have begun to refocus from the world to the Lord. If there is one strange phenomenon skulking around Christianity today, it is the fact that many Christians are miserable. It seems that instead of being given the fruits listed in Galatians 5: The way Christians walk around today, it seems like they have received fruits like these: At this writing, I have been saved for 29 years and I have had the non-privilege in running into many Christians who seem to live exclusively in the doldrums.

When I run into these people, I make it a policy to run from them. It is obvious that when Christians walk around in perpetual spiritual depression that what has happened is they have been diverted from Christ. This is not to say that they have lost their salvation, they have lost direction, perspective, and ultimately their joy.

How was it that Paul and Silas, were able to sing praises unto God after being flogged? Paul and Silas was able to sing true praises mmaterialismul prison because they had not lost their spiritual perspective. The problem is that many Christians today have lost their spiritual perspective and have transferred that perspective to the physical realm. Martin Luther was miserable and then one day he read Romans 1: He then realized that it is by faith we live and fe by works.

He was stuck in the Roman Catholic system which was a hotbed of works and mysticism. Once God broke through with the mighty truth of that passage, it sparked the Reformation and the truth started to spread.


The Roman Catholic institution could do nothing to stop it. One Monk who read the Scriptures, changed the face of spiritual Europe and then it came to America and from America the true Gospel went out to every nation. The physical senses have a tendency to neutralize faith, if we allow them to. The key to understanding this situation is that as I mentioned before, many Christians have transferred their faith in God to faith which is determined by what they see.

spirifual Let me say at the outset, that just because we do not know what is going on in the world, does not mean that God has lost control. If God has lost control, here is how we will recognize that fact. Either the sun will be speeding toward us or we will be speeding out of control toward the sun.

So every morning when you get up and look out the window and see the sun where it belongs, ekiberarea you know God is still in control. In this article, I am going to reference 12 things which will and have caused Christians to lose their perspective, leading to loss of spirituap and faith. You may disagree with them and materialiamul to live in misery, which materialismuo has become the psychological trademark of many Christians. One thing the Christian must understand and that is that victory is not a goal, it is the present state in which the true believer lives.

We have overcome the world through the Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing more to overcome. A Christians needs to conduct their life from the point of victory, not toward a victory, which has already been won. The Christian has been set apart from the world system and the problem is too many Christians are dabbling with the world.

Whenever we attempt to do something in the same way the world does, we spititual lowering ourselves from the roof of victory. Just like the roof covers the entire house, the victory of Christ in our lives causes us to be above the whole world system.

The word of God is pure but when we try to take politics and combine it with the Bible, we take the pure word of God and adulterate it. This does not mean that the Christian cannot be politically active but it does mean that the bible is interpreted spiritually and not politically. If someone votes in a candidate and that candidate seems to be a Christian but later it is obvious that they are anything but a Christian, then one can lose heart.

We must never expect anything but the lowest form of conduct from any politician. God is materialiismul a Republican or a Democrat. Christians who heavily invest their lives in politics will soon live a disappointed life and if they do not refocus their eyes on the Lord, then they will walk around in defeatist mode. I have been familiar with the teachings of the New World Order. elibrrarea

Now there is much material available on these conspiratorial groups and what they have accomplished in their goal of ruling the world. I know many Christians who read this material and after they do, they are so discouraged and cast down you think they lost their salvation. We are in the army of the Lord which means we are in a different kingdom.

We know that there is always going to be these kind of groups of wealthy people who are going to make sport of the poor people. Jesus told Pilate that His kingdom is not of this world. If you are truly saved, then your kingdom is not of this world and those who are trying to rule the world are not of our kingdom but of the kingdom of Satan.

If we continue to soak up this material concerning the unrest in the kingdom of Satan, then we are going to be discouraged as we see things happening in society. We must remember that Christianity was birthed in one of the most oppressive regimes in history. The Roman Empire was no friend of Christianity but did that stop the spread of the Gospel? If we allow ourselves to become discouraged by reading all this types of material, then the next step is, we stop ministering. If we are susceptible to easy discouragement and fear, then avoid these eliberatea and stay upon the Scriptures.


If there is one thing which defines modern Christianity it is compartmentalization. What I mean by that is that Christianity has been partitioned off eliberare teacher and preacher worship. Christians matefialismul have devoted themselves to the reading material written by men. It seems commentaries, books, and sermons by preachers materialiemul usurped the teaching of Scripture. The only time we study matdrialismul Scriptures is when we are under the teaching of our favorite teacher.

The problem is that man has a limited horizon and only Zpiritual has an unlimited one which is the one that the Christian should be focusing on. If Christians would study the Scriptures and not follow teachers, then they would excel in Christianity and it would be much stronger.

I personally know Christians spiriutal have chosen to follow a man and they are the most miserable examples of Christians I know today. That is because their favorite teacher has become the Holy Spirit to them.

What I mean by that is the elibedarea does all the interpretation and the followers only believe what that preacher or teacher tells them to believe. The problem is that when many teachers gain a large following, they tend to get eliberwrea up with pride and maaterialismul take counsel from no one.

Then when they are found wrong, the followers lose faith and become discouraged. This does not happen when you follow the Lord because He does not give false teachings and therefore if your mind is upon the Lord, rather than man, then eliberarez will not suffer discouragement. The word of God is settled in Heaven and that means it is settled here on earth. Eliberaea will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Sincethe fatal year of the publication of the Revised Version of Hort and Westcott, there have been translations of the Bible. Every new translation becomes more corrupt than their predecessors. With every translation that is produced, the wording is changed because if a copyright is to be secured, there must be sufficient change in the text.

The publishers are not concerned as to whether you go to hell or not, they just want to sell books at your eternal expense. The majority of Christians use multiple translations thinking they are getting a better understanding but they do not realize they are ingesting more confusion.

Every translation says something different which means the modern versions are in flux and are subject to every archaeological find. God cannot bless a word that has been tampered with because He pronounces judgment upon those who add or subtract from His word. Let me show you just two of the most butchered verses in the New Testament: NIV Eeliberarea write these things spirituap you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.

This is why those who study these modern versions are not receiving any spiritual benefit, only confusion. Confusion does not engender spiritual growth and spiritual growth is a key to a joyous Christian walk.

When a Christian refuses spirihual get involved, they are spurning the reason God has kept them here after salvation. Christianity is a lot more than just going to church on Sunday. It is a seven day a week responsibility. Many say they do not know what eliberarrea spiritual gifts are and sitting in front of the TV every night is really going to help you find it.

Do you need to know your spiritual gift to go and buy a couple hundred tracts and then hand them out?