Period of non-operation exceeds the setting value of parameter, recorder turns off the backlight of LCD. PC support softwares (Data Viewer/Parameter Loader). This is a paperless recorder that displays measured data on the LCD in real time and stores data in CompactFlash. The type of input such as. New Low cost Paperless Recorder with 3 or 6 universal inputs, digital inputs and outputs, ethernet option, FTP server for web access of data.

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Data saving cycle Links to refreshment cycle of the trend display Trend data Maximum and minimum values are saved. Primary delay filter, scaling, calculation of difference between paperpess, F-value calculation, totalization, and square root extraction. More Product Details Specifications. Phys D – Force – Thickness. Switch between display modes recirder and easily with the 8-key front panel. Would you like it calibrated?

The PHL comes standard with math and totalizing functions. Water Quality – Analytical. Save My Shopping List You can view your shopping list or continue shopping. The PHL comes in a 9 channel or 18 channel model.


Fuji Paperless Recorders

Humidity – Moisture – Hydrometer. DO was succesfully added to your cart. Trend, bar graph, digital display, event summery, historical trend, parameter, parameter setting, group, analog meter, scale, total data.

Filters, Mixers, and Tanks. Ask a question Get answers from real customers and in-house experts with Rrecorder.

Davis eNewsletter Special offers, tech articles, and more! Event data Alarm data and message data are saved. Free PC support software allows you to configure the recorder from a PC and view historical data stored papelress the compact flash card. Trend data is stored in CompactFlash with no back-up.

I would like to know if you can print results from from the Fuji chart papetless, If so I would also like to get a quote for the 18 channel unit.

Lights during the power is on, and blinks when the screen saver is working.

Paperless Recorder PHL – Fuji Electric

Tubing, Valves and Hose. The clock is backed up by a built-in lithium battery. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, absolute value, X to the power of Y, logarithm, natural logarithm, expnoential function, humidity, average value, maximum value, minimum value. Histories are displayed in the alarm summary.

Ask a question Do you have a question about this fjji Why calibrate Test Equipment? Available for order or call to order. Recroder settings are saved to the internal nonvolatile memory. Data viewer software, parameter loader software, power cable 2 mnoise filter for power cable, instruction manual CD-R.

  ANSI A58.1-82 PDF

Welcome, log in or register. Tell us how we’re doing Take our survey! Test and Measurement Equipment. Save My Shopping List. Vibration – Leak Detection. Level Sensors – Controls. Pumps, Motors and Compressors.

Provides flexibility and variety in the handling of record data. Alarm status is displayed on digital display when an alarm occurs. Get answers from real customers and in-house experts with AnswerBox. Data viewer software, parameter loader software, panel mounting bracket, noise filter for power cable, front panel packing, instruction manual CD-R.

Usually ships in 17 days. The Fuji Paperless Recorder includes 16MB of Compact Flash memory, waterproof gasket for the front face, noise filter for the power supply, PC support software, instruction manual, and panel mounting brackets. Selected from the key pan.