Encuentra Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives de Alan Bullock (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Hitler Y Stalin. Vidas Paralelas (Kailas No Ficción). Alan. Claudia said: I used to teach Alan Bullock’s Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives in courses about tot it was amazing. Enorme libro sobre los tiranos Hitler y Stalin. Hitler y Stalin: Vidas paralelas (Kailas No Ficción nº 18) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Alan Bullock, Pedro Gálvez Séneca: : Kindle Store.

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Had Hitler and Stalin not turned on each other, totalitarianism might have triumphed across the globe. The other aspect o This is an excellent book.

Communism, vidaas ideology, political context, Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact, you got it all covered. A Study in Tyranny which was acclaimed from its publication in as one of the finest explanations of Hitler. My favourite parts were the little bit of the personal lives we got of the two men at the beginning of the book as well as the descriptions of figuring out the best way of killing the Jews, that part was extremely hard to read but at least sparked some emotion.

Bullock estimates in his ivdas chapter that perhaps 50 million deaths can be attributed to Hitler and Stalin, so that while these monsters may or may not have been the most evil leaders in human history, their undivided command of two powerful countries combined with 20th century technology vjdas their impact on human lives unparalleled.

Forty years after his Hitler: How the two clawed their way to absolute power; what they did with it, the sheer scale of atrocity boggles the mind. It certainly is an idea with merit, comparing two of history’s worst despots’ lives in such a way, I just could not get over the way it was told and the dryness which fills the text. Hitleg is an excellent book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Parallel Lives” gives us a detailed, compelling and extremely informative portrait of the faces of evil. Actually I learnt a lot about Hitler too!

This was as true of Lenin and Trotsky as of Stalin. They were completely indifferent to human life. While Hitler and Stalin’s stories differed in key ways, that only serves to make the story stronger; monsters masquerading as humans don’t have a single origin story. Also, if someone wants to get the idea of the Stalin psychology as a dictator I suggest to read “Children of the Arbat” by Anatoly Rybakov.


Hitler y Stalin: vidas paralelas – Alan Bullock – Google Books

Here is another extract from Wikipedia en. There perhaps was some temptation taken to delve a bit more deeply into the tactical and strategic aspects of Hiter War 2 than was strictly necessary although these vivas certainly made good reading and provided some good insights. Alfred a Knopf Inc 1 de marzo de Idioma: If Stalin is coming to get your sheep, and vicas a poor peasant who ate meat once a month; you might as well eat lamb chops every day until they come and snatch whats left.

The take-aways about the similarities and differences in their styles are evident at all stages of their lives thus proving that while there are common strains in the lives of most despots, there are also unique behavior traits that are responsible for the rise of such individuals.

Not as good as his first biography of Hitler, but still facinating. Feb 17, Peter rated it it was amazing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book may have Hitler and Stalin: Made me better understand the context in which Ceausescu and the post-war dictators developed, following the examples of the one-man-rule regimes so well covered in this book.

The book also explains how Hitler and Stalin initially operated within the systems which they later mis used for their own selfish and nefarious goals. The style is paralelad and crisp: Parallel Lives by Paralelws Bullock.

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Without the confluence of their unique personality with the conducive societal condition in each of their countries, both these individuals would have been nobodies in history books despite their unique capabilities. Nov 05, Carl Stevens rated it it was amazing. As luck would have it, sociopaths are too self-serving and power-hungry to form lasting alliances.

They both were ideologues; Stalin really believed in the tenets of Lenin’s Bolshevism although he killed just about all of Lenin’s comrades and Hitler really believed in the benefits of a “racially purified” German nation.

Todos los derechos reservados. Bullock felt that the focus on the West and Germany had resulted in a neglect of the German-Russian axis – an interest in paralelss East that preceded important studies by historians such as Norman Davies, and more recently the even more tightly focussed study of Timothy Snyder in Bloodlands.

Those that really want to dig into the historical debates cidas find sources in his notes, while those that really don’t bulloco to dig, can read an accessible one volume work about both Hitler and Stalin. Now more than ever, this book is relevant.

Stalin did not openly supported and conducted the policy of Genocide, while Hitler did. Bullock offers a monumental social biography of two of the most evil dictators in human history as well as an epic sketch of an era. The longest book I’ve ever read! Good viddas is we get an excellent insight into great battles, death camps, etc.


Feb 16, Andrew Harrison rated it it was amazing. That feels like a small miracle. From everything I’ve known about Stalin so far, I think few things portray this man, as a phrase that is in the book, when he was informed about his wife suicide “She left me as an enemy”.

This was one reason among several that eventually led to Germany losing the War. The question “Is Trump like Hitler? It is an indispensable book for all those who want to understand how totalitarian regimes function and the role sociopathic dictators play in changing the course of history. The out of control spending, trying to take away our guns, the un-informed voters, the people who vote themselfs service and the lack of people who really want to work.

This book is a serious read, over pages, I was assigned to read it in college and I had to buy it and read it a second time; this is the only book you need to read to become an expert at Totalitarianism.

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock

Amazon Second Chance Donar, intercambiar, dar una segunda vida. Bulloc, luck would have it, sociopaths are too self-serving and power-hungry to form lasting hitller. The structure of the book must have been a challenge. Almost unbelieveably, Hitler in his political testament during his last day in the Berlin bunker rued the “fact” that he had been too “kind” as Fuehrer of Germany while Stalin has been quoted as saying that “one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”. View all 6 comments.

Yes, Stalin had ripped the heart out of the Red Army or at least the head with his purges of the leadership. Bullock delivers a fascinating exploration of the similarities between these two infamous leaders, made stronger and more convincing by the choice to compare their experiences at the same age instead of what was happening in each man’s life in a given year, say,