Related Documents. – Baja 5B Flux Instruction Manual The Baja 5B Flux takes the stage as another large-scale release for HPI in ! This super-powerful. 1_ HPI KIT PARTS IDENTIFIER /11 (Exploded views). – Baja 5B Baja 5B Sidewinder X5 Cage Exploded View Baja 5B Flux Instruction Manual. Baja 5B Flux Instruction Manual This part is discontinued at HPI UK The Baja 5B Flux is fully outfitted with the latest options, including the drivetrain parts.

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Spark Plug Check Multiple Connectors Included Power inputs: All of the latest HPI kits are now fitted with reliable and feature-packed 2. Maximum charge voltage of 4.

Maximum charge voltage of 3. Explosionszeichnung Des Vergasers The Baja 5B Flux manua completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Ideal if you don’t use your batteries regularly. Electric Plane Sport Models. Entretien Du Frein Page Multiple Connectors Included Power inputs: You need a powerful motor to haul nearly 10 kilos of large-scale buggy through mud and sand, flus this is precisely the motor for the job!

HPI Racing Baja 5B Flux Radio Controlled Car

Maximum charge voltage of 3. Also available are standard AA batteries! Unique in the world of large-scale racing, the HPI Viscous Torque Differential gets the power to the maanual wheels as smooth as silk.


Car Petrol Engine Accessories. Vorbereitungen Zum Tanken From the input shaft and idler gear to the alloy-encased differential, every gear inside the sturdy Baja 5SC transmission is made from long-life alloy to keep your truck running all day long with minimal maintenance. Ideal if you don’t use your batteries regularly. Standard Parts Optional Parts. Motor Ersatzteile Liste Electric Car Radio Gear. baa


Storage Mode Choose this easy storage charge mode for confident long-term lithium battery storage. With extra-thick wires, gold-plated connectors and cooling fins, bxja is the perfect match for the Baja 5B Flux.

Small Scale Truck Bodyshells. The microprocessor disconnects the charge current and sounds and alarm if there is a malfunction. Engine Optional Tuning Tuning And Setup Guide Individual lithium battery cell discharging fro maximum safety.

Pb Bana Charging Pb lead-acid batteries from V can be easily charged fro engine starters, etc. Electric Car Speed Controls. NiMH and NiCd discharging from 0.

HPI Racing Baja 5b FLUX Instruction Manual

You need a powerful motor to haul nearly 10 kilos of large-scale buggy through mud and sand, and this is precisely the mwnual for the job! Engine Spare Parts List Front Toe Angle Installation D’un Servo Adaptable Entretien De La Couronne Fail-safe Bedienung Und Einstellung Fuelie 23 Engine Maintenance Getting the power from the diff gears to the new dogbones is a wider diff shaft that perfectly fits manial increased diameter of the dogbones.


Completing the package maunal a new Baja 5B Flux-specific body with smooth, flowing body lines on both sides of the shell since there is no need for a fuel cap entry slot on the left side of the shell. Discharger Discharge cells at a safe rate to maximize capacity and lengthen life.

Hinweise Zum Kraftstoff All-new extra-thick 9mm dogbones are the starting point of the 5B Flux drivetrain upgrade – these are new, thicker and stronger to outlast the roughest rides and racing action you can find! Start Up Guide Radio Maintenance Rc-anlage Everything is assembled and tuned for you by professionals – diffs, shocks, suspension and more are perfect before you even open the package. Standard 3-pin mwnual power supply connection for AC V, 12V power lead plus crocodile-style clips for car battery Charger outputs: The charger safely charges the battery to full capacity, then slowly discharges it to a safe level up to 5 times.

Individual lithium battery cell discharging fro maximum safety. Rear Toe Ypi Spur Gear Maintenance