Free Download or Read online Lutful-Latif Book by Maulana Masood Azhar r.a: Click Here to Download Or Click Here to Read online. Labels. Book Name: (Lutf ul Lateef Jala Jalalahoo) لُطفُ اللَّطیف جلَّ جلاله. Book Volume: Author Name: Muhammad Masood Azhar. Category: Aorad o Wazaif. Lutful Lateef Book. By Islamic Prays · Updated about 5 years ago. Already tagged · Already tagged · Already tagged · Already tagged · Already tagged.

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Following is the list of all articles published in all issues with the word.

Click on the article to view it. In vitro hypoglycemic activity of methanolic extract of some indigenous plants Page No: Simultaneous high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of atenolol and amlodipine in pharmaceutical-dosage form Page No: Ranjan Kumar Barman, M.

In vitro antifungal activity of Rhazya stricta Page No: In vitro free radical scavenging activity of five Salvia species Page No: Dose related effects of buspirone on serum electrolyte balance, plasma osmolality and systolic blood pressure SBP in rats Page No: Reshma Farooq, Darakhshan J.

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Isolation and characterization of clinical isolates of staphylococci from patients with community-acquired skin infections Page No: Asma Bashir, Talat Y. In vitro activity of cefadroxil, cephalexin, cefatrizine and cefpirome in presence of essential and trace elements Page No: Extended Hansens solubility approach: Meloxicam in individual solvents Page No: Pr Sathesh Babu, C.

Synthetic and pharmacological studies on Longicalycinin A Page No: Assessment of systems and the knowledge thereof for calculation of doses of the measures for medications amongst medical students, particularly of a medical institution in India Page No: A study on the packaging information of essential drug products used at union and thana health complex level in Bangladesh Page No: Jahangir Alam Khandakar, Md.

Pattern of adverse drug reaction related queries luutful by the drug information centre of a tertiary care teaching hospital Page No: Nanoparticles in delivery of cardiovascular drugs Alteef No: Saeed Arayne, Najma Sultana, M.

Improved bioavailability of aceclofenac from spherical agglomerates: Effect of partial replacement of different defatted oil seed cakes as substrate in biosynthesis of bacitracin in solid-state fermentation by bacillus licheniformis Page No: Ginger facilitates cholinergic activity possibly due to blockade of muscarinic autoreceptors in rat stomach fundus Page No: In vitro availability studies of enoxacin in presence of H2 receptor antagonists Page No: Spectrophotometric estimation of ambroxol and cetirizine hydrochloride from tablet dosage form Page No: Fabrication of solid nanoparticles for drug delivery Page No: Dadu Khan Burdi, M.

Iqbal Bhanger, Khalid M.

Lutful Lateef Wazaif | dastgeer

Bushra Jamil, Fariha Hasan, A. Syed Tabrez Ali, Nabeeh I. Farzana Yasmin, Darakhshan J. Berberis Vulgaris in Therapeutics Page No: Derivative Pectrophotometry in the Visible region lateet absorbance versus log wavelength or wavenumber determination of cyanocobalamin in injection solutions Page No: Enterococci vs Coliforms as a possible fecal contamination indicator: Baseline data for Karachi Page No: A study of the digestive effects of dates on sucrose and starch Page No: Serotonin-1A receptor responsiveness in stress and following adaptation to stress Page No: Evaluation of Tectona Grandis leaves for wound healing activity Page No: Shehla Imam, Iqbal Azhar, M.


In-vitro Studies of Tizanidine controlled-release microcapsular matrices Page No: Spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of gliquidone in bulk drug, pharmaceutical formulations and human serum Page No: Increased serotonergic functions following adminstration of 1- 1-Naphthyl piperazine in propranolol injected rats Page No: Effect of sodium orthovanadate on the urinary bladder rings isolated from normal and hyperglycemic rats Page No: Formulation and latteef of mucoadhesive dosage form containing rosiglitazone maleate Page No: Bactericidal activity of black pepper, bay leaf, aniseed and coriander against oral isolates Page No: Evaluation of some biochemical markers as prognostic factors in malignant lymphomas Page No: Introduction to medication errors and the error prevention initiatives in a teaching hospital in western Nepal Page No: Naproxen release from sustained release matrix system and effect of cellulose derivatives Page No: Phytochemical components of hunteria umbellata K.

Nanoparticles in drug delivery for the treatment of cancer Page No: Sensitive spectrophotometric methods for quantitative determination of chlorprothixene in pharmaceutical dosage form Page No: Effects of long term consumption of sugar as part of meal on serotonin 1-A receptor dependent responses Page No: Degradation studies of azithromycin and its spectrophotometric determination in pharmaceutical dosage forms Page No: Studies on the compressibility of wax matrix granules of acetaminophen and their admixtures with various tableting bases Page No: Citral, a component of lemongrass oil inhibits the clastogenic effect of nickel chloride in mouse micronucleus test system Page No: Synthesis and characterization of glibenclamide complexes of magnesium, chromium, cobalt, nickel, zinc and cadmium salts Page No: Effect of tamarindus indica fruits on blood pressure and lipid-profile in human model: An in vivo approach Page No: Effect of hexane extract of boswellia serrata oleo-gum resin on chemically induced liver damage Page No: In vitro availability of atorvastatin in presence of losartan Page No: Evaluation of mineral contents of some edible medicinal plants Page No: Khan, Iqbal Ahmad, M.

Some studies on human urine as promoter for the growth of leishmania in vitro Page No: Plasma lipid profile in sarcoma patients Page No: Porous nanoparticles in drug delivery systems Page No: A short review of some pharmacological, therapeutic and toxicological properties of praziquantel in man and animals Page No: Determination of the physicochemical properties of pyronaridine a new antimalarial drug Page No: Effect of processing variables on micro particulate system of aceclofenac Page No: Relationship of brain tryptophan and serotonin in improving cognitive performance in rats Page No: Ahmed, Tahira Perveen, Darakhshan J.


Interactions between sparfloxacin and antacids Dissolution and adsorption studies Page No: Modification of drug release from acetaminophen granules by melt granulation technique Consideration of release kinetics Page No: In vitro availability of metformin in presence of H2 receptor antagonists Page No: Reactions of phthalimides with 1-methylethylamine: Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of resulting carboxamides Page No: Determination of the ascorbic acid content of two medicinal plants in Nigeria Page No: The effects of mefenamic acid on hematocrit of the lizard, Uromastix hardwickii Page No: Resistance pattern of clinical isolates Page No: Chemical composition of egyptian and uae propolis Page No: Khan, Iqbal Ahmad, Hayam S.

An independent risk factor for systemic oxidative stress Page No: Patient counseling by pharmacist -a focus on chronic illness Page No: Subish Palaian, Mukhyaprana Prabhu, P. Fabrication of nanoparticles within polymeric pores for controlled release of drug Page No: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic activity of Polygonum lanatum Roxb.

Resistance pattern of antibiotics against clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus Page No: Phytochemical and active column fractions of Pyrenacantha staudtii leaf extracts on isolated rat uterus Page No: Synthesis and characterization of gliclazide complexes of magnesium, calcium, chromium, manganese, iron, nickel, copper, zinc and cadmium salts Page No: The effects of mefenamic acid on the blood haemoglobin of the lizard, Uromastix hardwickii Page No: Effect of magnesium and zinc on antimicrobial activities of some antibiotics Page No: Effects of Pefloxacin in multi drug resistant typhoid fever Page No: Probable neuro sexual mode of action of Casimiroa edulis seed extract verses Sildenafil citrate ViagraTM on mating behavior in normal male rats Page No: Subchronic treatment with mercuric chloride suppresses immune response, elicits behavioral deficits and increases brain serotonin and dopamine metabolism in rats Page No: Release study of diclofenac from new carbomer gels Page No: Formulation and in-vitro evaluation of dextrin matrix tablet of ibuprofen for colon specific drug delivery Page No: Modulation of humoral immunity by Cassia fistula and Amoxy-cassia Page No: Effect of aminoguanidine on post-ischemic damage in rodent model of stroke Page No: