I need to replace some tiles and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any files or pictures of scaled tiles to print out? Base game or expansions. Printable tuck boxes to keep Carcassonne expansion tiles separated. I was just wondering how many players who download the fan made tiles actually complete the job by placing them on Carcassonne tiles and.

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The Game of Carcassonne and the Parity Problem

Christmas is coming, and that means getting together with friends and family around a good board game. But board games can be expensive, and many of you will only play them once or twice at most. Instead of buying something new this Yuletide, how about printing your own instead? But you probably didn’t realise that you can do Printahle warped and decidedly adult version of the classic Apple to ApplesCards Against Carcwssonne is about as non-politically correct as they come.

Religious types, children, the elderly, and anyone easily offended by anything should probably stay away.

Carcassonne Tile Set

The Card Czar shuffles and reads through all the cards, chooses their favorite, and the player is awarded a point. I still wasted a good 30 minutes of time I was supposed to be using to write this article round-up though. Clever mechanics mean quite a varied experience with just a few cards, as time progresses the events on the cards change and are reshuffled.

I reached the graveyard, began to bury the totem, just as 6 zombies pounced on me. Despite having a board with nails to defend myself, I only killed 2 zombies, resulting in the loss of my remaining 4 health points, and complete Zombie takeover.

A tense moment, indeed. Grab the complete package here login required and print on just 4 sheets. If you enjoy this kind of Zombie apocalypse — either solo or in groups — but find yourself wanting something more in-depth, I strongly suggest you check out the Zombicide miniatures board game, which I funded on Kickstarter last year.

You can even design and print your own board layouts and scenarios with a free the level designer app. Winner of Golden Geek Print and Play Award, The Thing is an unofficial narrative card game which closely resembles the horror movie. Some cards are gory and explicit, and is best played with 4 players. The Deckset is structurally quite different though, one defining aspect being that some cards have multiple suits.

A full deck, and various rules can be downloaded here. Pick a tile, place it in a valid location, and score points by claiming trade routes, ports and islands.

My personal pick would be cards against humanitythough you would certainly need the right audience for that, so best wait until granny has gone tiels. Also, apologies to my editors for having basically spent the entire day playing games. Board GamePrintablesSave Money.

Your email address will not be published.

The Game of Carcassonne and the Parity Problem

itles I’m going to take a couple of these to Staples and have them printed it’ll be a helluva lot cheaper than printing at home. Great article by the way things like board games and eating at the dinner table are a treasure I hope that my kids carry on in life to their kids as well.

I’m a big board game geek, so I always have a selection with me a family gatherings. Even so, these look interesting.

Especially Pirates and Plunder, with the combat aspect, looks intriguing.

Yes Alan there are days ’til Christmas and would you believe some people have already got their decorations and lights up! Damn these week in advance publication schedules. I should have prefaced with “correct at time of writing”.

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Read our privacy policy. Do you guys know how much ink costs these days? Scroll down for the next article.

IEC 61850-9 PDF

First edition. Communication networks and systems in substations –. Part Specific Communication Service. Mapping (SCSM) –. IEC defines the specific communication service mapping for the transmission of sampled values according to the abstract. IEC Process Bus. Communication Interface for Light. Weight Merging Unit Testing. Environment. PENGCHENG ZHAO. Master’s Degree Project.

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: Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: ―Vol. I, Books (): John Knoblock: Books. Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: —Vol. I, Books John Knoblock Human Nature and Virtue in Mencius and Xunzi: An Aristotelian. Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works,. Volume 1: nese writers , Knoblock says that the importance of Hsun Tzu in Chinese philosophy is.

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Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Account Options Sign in.

The collection of works bearing his name contains not only the most systematic My library Help Advanced Book Search. Stanford University Press Amazon. A Translation and Study of the Complete Works.

XunziJohn Knoblock. Stanford University Press- Philosophy – pages. Coming at the end of the great flowering of philosophical inquiry in Warring States China, when the foundations for traditional Chinese thought were laid, Xunzi occupies a place analogous to that of Aristotle in the West. The collection of works bearing his name contains not only the most inoblock philosophical exposition by any early Confucian thinker, but also account of virtually every aspect of the intellectual, cultural, xjnzi social life ,noblock his time.

Xunzi was a social critic and intellectual historian as well as a philosopher.

Xunzi: A Translation and Study of the Complete Works: —Vol. I, Books 1-6

He was also extremely active in the political and academic circles of his day, and his teaching uxnzi a great influence on the initial institutional organization of a unified China under the first Qin emperor, an influence that continued though often unacknowledged through later centuries. This is the first of three volumes that will constitute the first complete translation of Xunzi into English.

The present volume consists of a general introduction and Booksdealing with self-cultivation, learning, and education. The translation is accompanied by substantial explanatory material identifying technical terms, persons, and events; detailed introductions to each book; and extensive annotation, with characters when desirable, indicating the basis of the translations.

The general introduction recounts the biography of Xunzi, his later influence, the intellectual world in which he lived, and the basic terms that the ancient Chinese used to conceptualize nature and society. Contents The Later Years.

The Influence of Xunzis Thought. The World of Thought. History and Authenticity of the Xunzi. An Exhortation to Learning.

Xunzi (Chinese English Edition: 2 Volumes) by John Knoblock

Of Honor and Disgrace. Notes Bibliography Index. Other editions – View all Xunzi: Books Xunzi No preview available –


Australian/New Zealand Standard™. Electrical installations—Shows and carnivals. A. S. /NZS This is a free 7 page sample. Access the full version online. AS/NZS Electrical installations – Shows and carnivals. standard by Australian/New Zealand Standards, 01/01/ View all product details. Find the most up-to-date version of AS/NZS at Engineering

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Eelectrical contractors performing work in a public building must submit a Form 5 certificate of electrical compliance to the local government, to certify that permanent and temporary electrical installations are compliant with the unique requirements of the regulations and other statutory obligations.

A copy of the Form 5: All electrical outlets must be protected by a RCD also known as a safety switch. A tag to identify the item, test date and the electrical worker should be fixed to the tested equipment. See information on testing of electrical leads and residual current devices RCDs.

New equipment requires a tag to define when it was brought into service. All electrical outlets and electrically operated equipment in areas available to the public must be protected by RCDs. Installations and generators must comply with all relevant Australian Standards. For RCDs to be effective, the neutral and earth conductors must be bonded together at the point of supply. All town supplies are connected this way but generators may not be.

AS/NZS – Quick Download AWS, SIA, BS EN, ISO Codes

It is recommended that this connection be made via a removable link. Typical temporary installations consist of submains, subboards and electrical leads.

It is recommended that for typical installations:. This type of protection will minimise the disruption to major sections of the lighting installations in the event of a current leakage to earth. Where electrical outlets are provided, there should be a tie bar to allow electrical cords to be secured, to prevent tension on the electrical outlet. The preferred leakage tripping current is 30 milliamps and they must be tested every 12 months in accordance with the requirements hzs AS For information see testing of electrical leads and nnzs current devices RCDs.

Because cables are continually being rolled up and moved, they must be flexible. Standard multicore cables 3020 in static installations are not appropriate. Electrical cables should not be accessible to members of the public. Where this cannot be avoided, they must be either buried or suspended so that they are out of reach of the public. Electrical outlets should only be supplied from a reticulated power supply.

Supplies may originate from a supply authority or an on-site generator. Small individual generators 10 kva or less should not be utilised. Each generator must be connected to its own earth electrode driven nza the ground.

The Health Public Buildings Regulations external site requires electrical contractors to certify nxs installations including reticulated supplies by completing a Form 5. Leads must not be placed on the ground in areas where there is pedestrian traffic. Luminaires must be out of reach of the public and not located where heat may ignite adjacent materials. Extra low voltage devices must be clearly identified and have plug tops and bases that cannot be inadvertently connected to higher voltage supplies.

See Testing of electrical leads and residual current devices RCDs. All permanent venues and egress paths must be able to be illuminated to 40 lux by lighting that is:. Ass areas available to the ws at night, including concert areas, should always be illuminated. For general areas, illumination to an average as low as 10 lux at ground level with no area less than 5 lux is acceptable.

Lighting should be energised approximately 1 hour before sunset to allow time for any unserviceable lights to be repaired before sunset. For crowded areas, especially for concerts and areas licensed to consume alcohol, there must be a system in place that will allow areas to flood light instantaneously in the event of an emergency.

The supplies and controls for these lights should be independent of theatrical or production lights and controlled from a location attended at all times by a designated person. They should not be controlled at the mixer desk. Ws venues must have emergency lighting that will operate if the main electrical source fails. For outdoor venues, nsz must be at least 2 alternative ae supplies. Two generators or a supply authority supply, plus another generator, are acceptable alternatives provided that the venue lighting supplies are distributed between both.

For events where lighting will be dimmed or extinguished, stairs, ramps and egress paths must be illuminated by safety lighting.

Safety lighting nz be a separate supply to normal or emergency lighting and must not be dimmed aa modulated. For permanent facilities, the safety and emergency lighting should be interconnected so that in the event of a failure of the safety lighting circuit, the emergency lighting will be automatically energised.

They must be illuminated and clearly visible whenever the venue is occupied by the public. For outdoor events, large signs illuminated by two light sources, and large enough to make the exit location obvious to patrons must be used.

There are no specific regulatory requirements for these structures. Go back to Top. Search this site Search all sites.

Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010

About us Improving health in WA Health for Open search bar Open navigation Submit search. Print this page Twitter Youtube LinkedIn. Home Electrical and lighting requirements — public buildings. What is important to know for events?

AS/NZS – Standards Australia

Electrical leads and portable outlet devices All electrical outlets must ws protected by a RCD also known as a safety switch. Temporary electrical installations All electrical outlets and electrically operated equipment in areas available to a public must be protected by RCDs.

All electrical outlets and supplies must have circuit breakers to protect against overload. All final subcircuits must have RCD protection.

It is recommended that for typical installations: Typical electrical installation for temporary installations Switchboards must: Residual current devices — RCDs The preferred leakage tripping current is 30 milliamps and they must be tested every 12 months in accordance with the requirements of AS Electrical cables Because cables are continually being rolled up and moved, they must be flexible. Submain cables must have integral earth and neutral conductors. Electrical supplies Electrical outlets should only be supplied from a reticulated power supply.

Leads Temporary electrical leads must be flexible cables. TPS cables are not permitted.

Cord junctions shall not be exposed to the weather or in damp situations. Luminaires Luminaires must be out of reach of the public and not located where heat may ignite adjacent materials. Extra low voltage equipment Extra low voltage devices must be clearly identified and have plug tops and bases that cannot be inadvertently connected to higher voltage supplies.

See Testing of electrical leads and residual current devices RCDs Lighting All permanent venues and egress paths must be able to be illuminated to 40 lux by lighting that is: Bare lamps must not be able to be touched by the public. Area lighting Temporary areas available to the public at night, including concert areas, should always be illuminated.

Emergency lighting Enclosed venues must have emergency lighting that will operate if the main electrical source fails.

Safety lighting For events where lighting will be dimmed or extinguished, stairs, ramps and egress paths must be illuminated by safety lighting. Maximum viewing distance Minimum pictorial element height mm 16 ns 32 For viewing ss greater than 32 nzd, in accordance with the following equation: Spectator aa, stages and lighting rigs There are no specific regulatory requirements for these structures. Produced by Public Health.


The most complete, detailed, and sophisticated description of the devotional method is Aleister Crowley’s Liber Astarte. In July she started LIBER ASTARTE and again got some of the free flowing light of kundalini. Usually these incidents were short lived as Jane. Hello all. I am considering undertaking the Bhakta (Bhakti) Yoga practices outlined in Liber Astarte, and am wondering if anyone has any.

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Jane Wolfe and Liber Astarte |

I am considering undertaking the Bhakta Bhakti Yoga practices outlined in Liber Astarte, and am wondering if anyone has any experience or general advice. Results, or lack thereof — this sort of thing. Hello shangren, I think patenice and a slow build up.

Currently i am only a month into the program so to speak. I started off my practices like it begins in Book 4. Trying initially to sit still for longer than a few qstarte I then progressed onto finding a posture that suits me… axtarte a few trial runs i have now settled on the half lotus but do adopt the god posture when in a strange environment. Hopefully in the future my legs could bend to get the proper Lotus Posture. So for these first two weeks i did 10mins in the morning and 20mins in the evening.

Evening time i would do 20mins in the same location 1hr before i went to sleep. Trying to regulate my breathing one count of breathing in one astarfe holding and two counts breathing out.

Jane Wolfe and Liber Astarte

In this week i up the ante to 15mins in the morning to 30 mins in the evening. I even started to recite it as i am working in synch with my steps… like a marching song! Any questions just please ask. This asarte almost nothign to do with Liber Astarte and almost everything to do with Liber E. One shouldnt even try Liber Astarte if you havent tried and at least gotten quite good lober Asana and Dharana pranayama also useful.

The best devotional method

Hmm, making a dogma out of bhakti. It really depends on the deity in question, imho…I think Bacchus might perfer a dance in place of asana, etc. But thats just me. I was merely pointing out aastarte all he talked about was Liber E practices which, if anything, are a preliminary to Astarte and not Astarte itself.

The thread was about Astarte, not abotu our yoga practices with Liber E. It really depends on the deity in question?

What are you talking about? If you read the instruction in Liber Astarte, THAT if anything is making a dogma out of bhakti by giving a long list of suggestions and instruction. The only point I was making was that ptoner didnt mention the practices of Liber Astarte at all except awtarte references to invocation of Hoor Paar Kraat. Liber E instead of Liber Astarte. That is not saying you are inexperienced — if anything it is saying you are doing the correct work — I dont understand the hostility to pointing out an off topic post.

The essence of Astarte is Bhakti or devotion to a deity.

It might be that asana, dharana and pranayama are amongst the practices chosen for the Asfarte, but then again it might not. The inclusion of these practices is not a prerequisite.

In the mids I undertook a Bhakti Working to Pan, utilising none of those elements that Aum considers so crucial. It appeared to me to be a very successful Working. No hostility here i can assure you… i am actually wet behind the ears!

I really didnt think it was that much off topic as shangren did libeer make it known if he himself has done any yoga type practices at all. In Bhakti one seeks God there is no god but man it ljber an intense love of God there is no god but man Goal: Love Humankind… or the Working degenerates into hideous fanaticism. Such is our philosophical conception. I would like to suggest, very respectfully, that when you read some postings it may be that you are imputing an emotional tone that is not there.

Liber Astarte and Bhakti magick might astarre placed in two difference categories; bhakti magick allowing a bit more freedom than the libee rigidness of Astarte. Same mountain, different paths. Thanks everyone for your replies, I really learned a lot. Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 of 21 total.

The Arcane Archive – Commentary on AC’s Liber Astarte vel CLXXV

June 24, at 1: June 24, at 3: June 24, at 4: June 24, at 5: June astaete, at 7: June 25, at 5: June 25, at I commenced Bhakti to Ganesha 12 years ago, cant see the point in discontinuing really. June 26, at 4: You must be logged-in to reply to this topic. Click to Submit News. Members Username Password Remember Me. Donations Membership is free and always will be, but if you like this site, want to keep it free, and can afford to donate towards its running costs, please astartte donating.

Set up a regular payment of just GBP5. Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Post.

EN 13414-2 PDF

Supersedes EN English Version. Steel wire rope slings – Safety – Part 2: Specification for information for use and maintenance to. DIN EN Steel wire rope slings – Safety – Part 2: Specification for information for use and maintenance to be provided by the. BS EN +A Steel wire rope slings. Safety. Specification for information for use and maintenance to be provided by the manufacturer.

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Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Search all products by.

EVS-EN – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. Specification for information for use and maintenance to be provided by the manufacturer Status: Click to learn more.

Your basket is empty. Take the smart route to manage eb device compliance. The faster, easier way to work with standards. Customers who bought this product also bought BS EN Safety Ferrules and ferrule-securing.

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We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

Relevant Standards | John Hemsley | Ropes & Lifting Equipment

Steel wire rope ne. Specification for information for use and maintenance to be provided by the manufacturer. Lifting, Safe working load, Technical documents, Materials handling components, Maintenance, Wire ropes, Occupational safety, Steel-wire ropes, Safety measures, Materials handling equipment, Instructions for use, Lifting tackle, Visual inspection testingInspection, Hoisting slings, Equipment safety.

1946 LEY 0065 PDF

: Firestone Tires. print advertisement ‘centerfold’ 13 1/2″x 21″ ( big tire/rayon cord.) original vintage magazine Print Art.: One Firestone Tire. Read Berkeley Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives, Apr 17, , p. 8 with family history and genealogy records from Berkeley, California First published: September tbx. Cited by: This work was aided by grants from the Graduate School, .

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Paragraph operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left.

A full attendance is desired. Notice is hereby Kiven that every person, firm, and com pany liable to make returns under the above Acts, arc required to duly make and furnish to me in the prescribed torm or lorms a return of his or its income for the year ended 30th June.

The returns are to be furnished ot later than the dates set out herc undcr: Due date for lodsment of returns: Due date of lodg ment of returns: Em ployees who are members of the De encc Force and whose income during ip year ended 30th June. Em ployees who are members of the Defence Force and whose Income during the ‘year ended 30th June, Due date for lodf.

Id All companies — use Form C. Due date for lodgment of re turns: Gcorse and 005 Streets, Bris bane. Return forms may be obtained at the Taxation ,ey. George and Elizabeth Streets. Brisbane, or at the Taxation Depart ment. Postage on all Returns must In all cases be nald by the sender. Dated this First day ot July, We expect lo fill all- orders within next few days. All -J Employees of above firm are re quested to report for work this Mon day i Morning.

Index of /giga1/documentos//

Notice X is hereby glvm that every person, firm, and company liable to make re turns under the above Acts, are required to duly make and furnish to me in the 19446 form or forms a return of — Particulars of land owned at mldnleht on 30th June, The returns arc to be lurnished not later than the noth September, Returns are to be ad dressed to the Commissioner of Taxes. Cieorge and Elizabeth Streets. Taxation Building, George and Elizabeth Streets, Brisbane, ‘ostaec on all returns must in all cases be paid by the sender.

Dated this First’ day of July, Com missioner of Taxss. Quarterly Meet ing postponed’ to Tuesday, 23rd’ July, owing to restrictions. Bridge Party, which was to be held on 17th July, has lieen postponed.

L Service offers for Sale by Tender with all defects, the following Vehicles: One Model Ford 12cwt. Tender ornis available al inspect’on location. Tenders close at Noon, ely July, at A.

Highest or any lender not neces sarily accepted. The lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted. District Engineer, Rock hampton. Rooting, water proofing and insulation specialists and contractors. A Quick service, sand, gravel, cement, A nshes.

Tunley, Wickham St. Louvres, best potent and price, anti-glare glass, and all colours, quotations at Timber and Joinery Yards, 44 Annerley Rd. For immediate delivery or sand.

Gravel, cement, and carriage of all other building requirements ring J or J, and J. A T Woolloongabba Hardware. Lsy SHES, 6 yds. Connolly’s steel residen tial window frames, four standard sizes.

Index of /giga1/documentos/19000479/19000479-0065

For brick or wood. Inspection of samples invited. Stuart, Wilson House, Charlotte street, Brisbane. Wanted supply of logs for Rocklea Sawmill. For gravel, sand, metal,? J- bricklayers and plasterers’ sand, re inforcing bars, and cement, drain pipes, M Petrie Bight, weatherboard building. White house, Phone J FOR sale, quantity guttering. For par ticulars Telephone M Sole agents, Queensland Pastoral Supplies. Queensland Pas toral Supplies, Bowen St.

Will not leak or crack. Immune against white ants and borers, as cood ns bricl and much cheaper — supplies available now. Phone 23, Roche W dale. Robinson Bros, Phone J Tip- truck, owner decrease the? Austra ian Machinery Co. Buy car, utility, no objection, out A of order, after 6 P. Can sell on term;;, cash to seller. The most stubborn dirt and grime yields to Snow Palm. Keep a cake ir. BEST cash ‘price offered for all makes cars, utilities. Valley, 2 doors from baths.

08 Jul – Advertising – Trove

Hancox, Ken nedy Terrace, Bardon. Utility, for essential or non-essential hiring— by the day. Phone B or BB. Maxwell, Post Office, Gladstone. Bale, Dodge Tourer, good -jnditlon. Ring M after S p. IVOR sale, Pontiac sedan. In good P order, p. Full particulars, ring Bcechmont Post Office. FORD truck, model. Jlecr, lla Milton Rd. We now have all lathes nnd other machines driven by motor Rower. We are therefore in a ‘position to undertake all mechanical and en gineering icpairs.

Pryor, Logan Road. CELL Graham 8, sedan, p. lej

M, after 6 p. Burton, Theale Terrace, Ashgrove, pey. Prompt etish’ for all makes of used cars and tru: New Internationals have ar? Permits required for sizes under 2 tons. Army Disposals all sizes key priorities, 1 to 6. Brooks, Hamilton Avenue, Surfers’ Paradise. Sunday, will pkx few extras. Lowest prices, g’teed farm milting punt cpt. Allan’s, Ann St. We are gear spe cialists to all trades. Mars Machine Tool Mfg.

Rear ends, suitable timber trailers,? A- fitted with Motors, gene rators, domestic electrical appliances, etc.


PROTOCOLO DE AMEU SEGUN MSN. DO. de oli oliveira. Updated 10 November Transcript. CONTRAINDICACIONES DE AMEU. El legrado por Aspiración Manual Endouterina (AMEU) es considerado como un método quirúrgico adecuado para el manejo del aborto incompleto y el aborto. La aspiración manual endouterina (AMEU): un procedimiento utilizado ya en 3 – 12 semanas desde el último período. Está considerado menos invasiva con.

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Es un aspitacion ambulatorio, para realizar bajo anestesia paracervical, seguro, de bajo costo y efectivo. De buena tolerancia por las pacientes y de adecuada aceptabilidad.

The curettage by endouterine manual aspiration EMA is considered as an adequate surgical method for the management of the incomplete abortion and the missed abortion with manjal lower to twelve weeks, also for the endometrial biopsy.

It is a safe, inexpensive, effective and ambulatory procedure carried out with paracervical-Block Anesthesia.

Aspiración Manual Endouterina (AMEU) | Spanish to English |

It has good tolerance and adequate acceptability in the patients. The aim is to present basic aspects of EMA and to indicate general technical and scientific guidelines, which are necessary to know the appropriate and qualified execution of the procedure.

Manual vacuum aspiration, a safe and effective alternative in early pregnancy. Kapp N, Glasier A. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The care of women requesting induced abortion. Manual versus electric vacuum aspiration for first trimester abortion:. Benefits of manual vacuum aspiration for abortion.

Ayuda de la revista. SUMMARY The curettage aspiraxion endouterine manual aspiration EMA is considered as an adequate surgical method for the management of the incomplete abortion and the missed abortion with age lower to twelve weeks, as;iracion for the endometrial biopsy.

It is an important therapeutic strategy, which is being proposed as the replacement of the instrumental uterine curettage as much for developed as for developing countries. Referencias Caucus on new and underused reproductive health technologies.


Updated WHO guidance on safe abortion: Int J Gynaecol Obstet. Comparison of manual vacuum aspiration, and Dilatation and curettage in the treatment of early Pregnancy failure. J Ayub Med Coll Abbottabad.

Manual vacuum aspiration MVA in the management of first trimester pregnancy loss. Girvin S, Ruminjo J. An evaluation of manual vacuum aspiration instruments. Complications of first-trimester abortion: Manual vacuum aspiration, a safe and effective alternative in early pregnancy termination.

Acta Obstetrica et Gynecol Scand. Manual vacuum aspiration for uterine evacuation: Research group on postovulatory methods of fertility regulation.

Complications of first-trimester abortion by vacuum aspiration after cervical preparation with and without misoprostol: Cervical priming with misoprostol before manua vacuum aspiration versus electric vacuum aspiration for first-trimester surgical abortion. Int J Gynecol Obstet.

Los Procedimientos del Aborto

Expectant care versus surgical treatment for miscarriage. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Pain control in abortion clinics. Inter J Gynecol and Obstet. A randomized trial of tramadol versus ibuprofen as an adjunct to pain control during vacuum aspiration abortion. Manual vacuum aspiration MVA for treatment of mmanual abortion.

AMEU – [PPT Powerpoint]

The History of Vacuum Extraction. Manual versus electric vacuum aspiration for first trimester abortion: Wiebe ER, Rawling M. Pain control in abortion. International J of Gynecology and Obstetrics.


Free Online Library: Concentraciones de alcaloides, glucosidos cianogenicos, polifenoles y saponinas en plantas medicinales seleccionadas en Ecuador y su. los tóxicos naturales pueden causar ocasionalmente debido a que pueden encontrarse en alimentos con una concentración ma. GLUCOSIDOS CIANOGENETICOS. NO Transcript. GLUCOSIDOS CIANOGENETICOS. Robert Augusto P. Los Glucósidos cianogénicos.

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Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

The method demonstrates good linearity in the range of 0. The accuracy of the method ranges between The method was compared with the most used method to detect CGs in cassava gluxosidos, the one established by Essers et al.

Second cyanide in food opinion – have your say on draft

Both methods were applied to quantify CGs in commercial cassava products. The new method is a useful and reliable tool for monitoring levels of CGs in cassava commercial products. Cyanogenic glucosides, cassava, hydrogen cyanide, validation methods, spectrophotometry.

Food products prepared from cassava Manihot esculenta Crantz are the staple diet for more than million people and they are prepared for consumption in a wide range of presentations, according to the region of the world where they are consumed 1. Products such as garri, fufu and tapioca are traditional in countries such as Nigeria and Mozambique 2. Cassava is a significant source of cyanogenic glucosides CGs such as linamarin and lotaustralin.

These CGs are widely distributed in the plant, with the highest concentration in the leaves and root peel, and in a lower concentration in the root parenchyma inside the root 3.

It has been reported that the average levels of cyanide in cassava flour in the Northwest of Mozambique, glucoisdos a year with normal rainfall, is 45 mgkg -1 4 ; but in products that involve cooking, levels may be quite lower mgkg -1 5, 6. This fact represents a health risk because cassava consumption has been associated with several types of pathological disorders 7.

The ingestion of cyanide from bitter cassava varieties with high concentrations of CGs causes two important illnesses: Due to the imminent danger and high toxicity of several clanogenicos varieties, the Codex Alimentarius Commission has set the limit of 10 mgkg -1 hydrocyanic acid HCN for cassava f lour and cassava starch The expansion of food markets and food imports has forced some countries to introduce a sanitary control to regulate the entry of food products.

This glucosidoe the case of CGs from cassava, the vast majority of countries use the regulation established by the Codex; even though, countries such as Indonesia have set their own limits Colombia has a regulation for CG levels in animal feed 12but there is no regulation for CG levels in food products for humans.

In order to enforce these regulations, it is important to standardize CG detection methods. This work has three main objectives: The second objective consists in analyzing commercial food products prepared from cassava, and evaluating if such products would comply with the Codex CG limits using two methods: The third objective consists in comparing the results obtained after analyzing the same samples with methodologies that were mentioned.

Partially purified linamarase cassava enzyme EC 3. Citric acid buffer CAB was prepared by mixing Phosphate buffers PB pH 3. The solution of pyridinecarboxilic acid-pyrazolone PAP was prepared by mixing 2 solutions. The final volume of mL was reached by adding distilled water. The chloramine T reagent was prepared daily: Stock solution and standard cyanide solutions.

Standard solutions were prepared from the HCN stock solution; dilutions were made using a 0. Measurement of linamarase enzyme activity. After 5 min, cianoggenicos final volume of 4. The enzymatic activity of the solution was calculated from the measured absorbance at nm, according to the procedure described by Cooke et al.

In March,1 kg bags of ”croquetas de yuca” cassava croquettes were bought gluvosidos different grocery stores Cali, Colombia. The products were crumbled into pieces by hand, trying to leave it as homogeneous as possible.

After the samples were thawed at room temperature, 15 g of crumpled sample were placed in a glass ball for steam distillation Then, mL of distilled water was added to the glass ball for steam distillation, and the ball was connected to the condensation column. Distillation was ciwnogenicos when mL of distillate were obtained. The absorbance was measured at nm.

An aliquot of 0. After 10 min, the absorbance was measured at nm. The analytical-method validation was performed according to the specifications of Thompson et al.

glucósidos cianogenicos

Data were graphed to determine if they were normally distributed; if not, the data were transformed for approximating better this distribution. According to our own glucosiods, this is the first comparison of two methods to quantify HCN in commercial cassava products. Linearity and linear range. The linearity and linear range responses of the method were evaluated with 16 standard cyanide solutions in triplicate at concentrations ranging from 0.

HCN concentration data and absorbance were related by the least squares linear regression method. Two linear responses were found: The following was the calibration equation of the first linear response 0.

The first interval was selected because the samples were located appropriately within this range. The precision was evaluated by repeatability and intermediate precision. The repeatability was ciwnogenicos by analyzing 7 replicates of standard working solutions at different HCN concentrations. This procedure was repeated for short periods of time on the same d. The intermediate precision was evaluated similarly but for different d. All samples were prepared and evaluated daily.

These values were also lower than the ones predicted by the empirical equation of Horwitz, 18 for the same levels of HCN concentration, which confirms that the method has good precision.

The accuracy glucoidos the method was determined using the standard addition method, where cianogencios recovery was measured using HCN standards at three concentration levels Cianlgenicos mean recoveries, expressed in percentage recovery PRand their corresponding SD were determined. Table 1 shows the mean PR for the four analyzed samples which ranged between The obtained results demonstrate the suitability of the method for measuring CGs in a commercial glucosidoz product.

Robustness was evaluated using the 23 full-factorial design established by Plackett-Burman, Three factors considered to be critical in the methodology were selected: The results from applying the design matrix are depicted in table 3.

From the three mentioned factors, only incubation temperature influenced the results. Therefore, glucodidos temperature must be carefully controlled. The influence and interaction factors were calculated over each result according to the method established by Capolar-Gautier et al.

It was found that experiment 1 table 3 has a confidence interval that does not pass through zero, which means that the outcome is influenced by the variation factor. Therefore, the temperature is a critical factor that should be controlled with great accuracy at the time of analysis.

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Limit of detection LD and quantification LQ. Hence, all experiments were conducted in a region above the method’s LQ. Analysis of commercial cassava products. The HCN content of three bags of the commercial cassava product is shown in table 4.

A possible cause for such results could be due to the fact that the modified Essers et al. This interference occurs because the colorimetric reaction takes place in the same solution where the enzymatic hydrolysis reaction takes place.

There are two interfering factors associated with CGs that could affect the detection of cyanide: The MHLW-J method used has the advantage that distillation occurs after the enzymatic reaction; thus, the cianogeniicos temperatures can foster conditions for a complete hydrolysis of CGs.

The solution is then quantified by the cyanide in it without interference from the cassava matrix. This is an improvement over the modified Essers et al. It is noteworthy that for both methods, the commercial samples exceeded the maximum HCN content allowed by the Codex 10 mgkg -1 In other words, if the tested bags had been exported to a country with the Codex limits, such bags, and potentially the whole shipment, would have been rejected.

The greater sensitivity of the MHLW-J method could be advantageous for food companies that sell products that have natural high levels of CGs because, if such method is appled, it will reduce the chances of the product being rejected.

The MHLW-J method for the detection of CGs in a food matrix of commercial cassava products was validated; the linearity correlation coefficient was 0. The accuracy of the method is greater than These facts show that the MHLW-J methodology complies with the basic parameters for a valid analytical method. The MHLW-J method provided data with a statistical significance higher than the data obtained by the modified Essers et al.

HCN levels in commercial cassava products sold in Colombia were higher than the ones recommended by the Codex for human consumption. The authors acknowledge the following departments at CIAT: A modified microdiffusion assay with solid-state detection for the determination of total cyanogens CNp in cassava f lour. Comparison to the method of O’Brien et al. Cyanogenic potential of some cassava products in Port Harcourt markets in Nigeria.

J Food Comp Anal. Processing of cassava roots to remove cyanogens.

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Cyanogenic potential of cassava flour: Int J Food Sci Nutr. Rising African cassava production, diseases due to high cyanide intake and control measures.

J Sci Food Agric. Distribution of total, bound and free hydrocyanic acid in commercial garri, and the effect of fermentation time on residual cyanide content. Characterization of cassava Manihot esculenta Crantz varieties in Nigeria and Tanzania, and farmers’ perception dianogenicos toxicity of cassava. Cyanogenic foods cassava, fruit kernels, and cycad seeds.


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